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We offer medical skin procedures including Cryotherapy, Mole Removal/Biopsy/ and Hirsutism/Acne Care

BBL™ Corrective

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Tired of your freckles, age spots, or facial redness? With BBL™ Corrective, you can say goodbye to those annoying blemishes and hello to clear glowing skin!

BBL™ is raising the bar for treating common skin conditions associated with sun damage, age spots, acne, loose skin, and unwanted redness due to rosacea. BBL is a strong broadband light device that treats unwanted skin conditions through intense light energy. By delivering light energy to the affected area, the upper layers of your skin are heated and absorbed to stimulate cell regeneration. This process forces the body to generate collagen to the affected area, restoring the once, blemished skin, leaving you looking vibrant and glowing!

Your physician will use specialized smart filters to match your skin type and color.

Forever Young BBL™

If your face is showing the age you’d rather not discuss, we are here to help! Forever Young BBL™ uses cutting edge technology to reverse the signs of aging, for smoother, younger looking skin.

Forever Young BBL™ is comprised of innovative technology designed to target and eliminate age spots, sun damage, and loose skin. Carefully delivering intense light therapy to the affected areas, this technology forces the body to generate new collagen, recreating your once, youthful looking skin. Forever Young BBL is used to treat freckles, blemishes, age spots, redness due to rosacea and even acne.

Forever Clear™

If you are one of the many who suffer from overwhelming acne, we have the answer you have searched for! Forever Clear™ is a rapidly advancing acne treatment used to treat facial and body acne. Forever Clear™ uses a BBL™ broadband light device to comfortably remove unwanted acne without expensive creams or medicine. The BBL device delivers small portions of light into the skin, forcing the body to produce new collagen to the affected area, leaving you with clear, healthy looking skin!

Forever Clear™ uses a unique two-step process to clear acne and red, irritated skin.

  • Starting at the pores, the skin is first treated with a BLUE BBL light to kill off bacteria that creates acne.
  • The skin is then treated with a YELLOW BBL light to reduce inflammation and any redness associated with acne, leaving you with healthy, glowing looking skin!
  • To expedite the healing process, skin is treated with INFRA-RED light (SkinTyte II device) to gentle trigger the body’s natural healing process.

Be sure to follow up with your physician for tips on added benefit and skin care, post treatment.

Forever Bare BBL™

Forever Bare BBL™ from Sciton is paving the way to a new, effective method for complete hair removal. By sending multiple lower fluence pulses at a high repetition rate, Forever Bare BBL™ provides a treatment that is safe, fast, and comfortable. BBL technology allows for even heating of hair follicles and minimizes missed areas that occur with traditional hair removal devices.

In addition to the motion BBL technology, the thermoelectrically cooled sapphire plate on the Forever Bare BBL handpiece provides continuous cooling, even at maximum power, to keep the skin cool and comfortable before, during and after treatment. Sciton describes the process as “the most comfortable treatment available!”


If you’re sick of seeing loose or folding skin and want an effective way to tighten your skin without scars or surgery, we can help! SkinTyte is using cutting-edge BBL technology to effectively tighten loose skin.

SkinTyte offers fast and effective treatments to tighten and firm loose or sagging skin by utilizing advanced infrared light technology. A qualified physician will apply a tailored filter to the infrared device to safely heat the skin, while using sapphire contact cooling to protect the outer layers of the skin. This process stimulates the body’s natural healing process to produce natural, firming looking skin!

The process is simple, comfortable and safe! With no downtime needed post treatment, you can pick up where you left off and go about your day.

How to get started
To get more information about our dermatology services, call to schedule an appointment with Leanna, Moser FNPC, for a personal consultation. During your visit, she will walk you through the process and answer any questions you have about the procedure.

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